Jahan Raymond took to studying classical piano in 2008, when he was seven years old. A year later, he was composing his own music.

Since then, Jahan has been commissioned to compose pieces for a number of private organizations, dance troupes and foundations. He has performed for the Young Presidents’ Organization, Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment and organizations such as Playing for Change and Make a Wish. He has also played movements from Rachmaninoff’s Second and Third Concertos with the Thousand Oaks Philharmonic, and has twice been named a finalist in the National Young Composers Competition.

He is currently an associate member of the Society of Composers and Lyricists in Los Angeles.

Contact: kavitadr@earthlink.net


Jahan performing at the Young Presidents Organization annual conference in Los Angeles

Jahan performing at the Young Presidents Organization annual conference in Los Angeles

“Jahan Raymond is divinely gifted – this is obvious to all who hear him.  In addition, he combines a serious dedication with a playful spirit. At only ten years old, he is already performing, composing and improvising music on a high level.  What a joy just to imagine the heights he’ll reach if he continues on this path.  Thank you, Jahan, for all the great inspiration! I look forward to the future of a world filled with your wonderful music.”
Stanley Jordan ~ multiple Grammy-award nominee and world-renowned jazz guitarist and pianist.

“Jahan could well be one of the great masters of our future”
Mike Garson, composer and pianist for David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails and The Smashing Pumpkins.

“His original music is enriched with maturity and emotional contrasts’”
Nikitza Lesich, concert pianist, composer and professor of the Liszt-Ziloti Master Piano Technique.

“Phenomenal….He blew me away.”
Edward James Olmos, rock musician, actor, producer and activist.

“It is wonderful to know that the magical process of creating genius and inspiration out of the hands of youth did not end with Mozart, and that it is an ongoing process.  It is a privilege to be present when a new one pops up.”
Rick Overton, Emmy-winning comedian and actor.

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